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Are you an educational institution exploring new ways to: better manage your resources, cutout the redundancies in your processes, and achieve optimum results?

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With the tools we're offering on VigilearnLMS, you reach a much larger audience easily. Spend more time focusing on creating contents on the things you love doing; we'll do the heavy lifting.


Vigilearn Idea

Vigilearn Learning Management System is a novel software brainchild of Edutech Global that takes a dynamic and most innovative approach at providing a first truly smart education management software platform with robust analytics, while offering an exciting and interactive classroom experience.

The Big Picture

We constantly strive to raise the quality, standard, and accessibility of Education in Africa by leveraging the disruptive capabilities of modern technologies; and ultimately putting education into the hands of every single African.

The benefits are endless!

  • Anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day, can learn on-the-go and at a self-paced progression.
  • Tutors can better manage large classroom(s), and get qualitative analytics & feedback to help them improve their contents, and better spot & manage at-risk learners.
  • Employees don't have to quit their jobs to go study - It is a flexible approach to learning.
  • There is quite literally 'no room' for segregation or discrimination of any sort - Gender, race, religious, social, or otherwise.
  • Knowledge providers can reach a potentially larger audience, beyond their local environment.
  • Learners from the most remote parts of any country can benefit by having access to quality learning contents, thereby keeping them connected to the rest of the world.
  • Administrators (at all levels) can benefit immensely from insights offered through easy-to-read analytics. This translates to; better quality management.
  • Learning finally gets immunity from various forms of vices, favouritism, and all kinds of human biases.


The conventional teaching methods that applies within the present day formal learning establishments have obvious persistent limitations, and shortcomings from across all its constitutive aspects.
See what we bring to the table

Students can easily access information about their assignments, classes, and events using smart phones.
You can keep track on all important data on a single screen and also keep an eye on all information.
Incentify learners with badges and score points in order to get them more proactively engaged in a program.
This feature helps organize events, publish event information, and keeps count of those willing to attend.
Contents are made accessible offline.
Coordination and classroom management including equipment needed to give awesome classroom sessions are all found in this feature.

Our Solution

Our solution focuses on - Helping Learners Learn Better, Teachers Teach Better and Administrators Manage Better.

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VigilearnLIVE offers you access to useful tools for a guaranteed quality live streaming experience.


We offer quality long term (technical) support to all our clients through and across various media platforms – Chat, email, video calls, and voice calls. We also provide intensive webinars and trainings to suit our clients’ specific needs or requirements.

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"At Olawoyin Awosika School of Innovative Studies (OASIS) we have opened up to the option of one of the newest and best Course Management Systems (CMS), Vigilearn. The Application portal, Payment gateway, Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), and data integration are customized to the needs of our organization. Vigilearn is easy to use, and has an aesthetically pleasing user interface. At OASIS, we have tried many of the Course Management Systems out there but Vigilearn really stands out."

— Prof. Abiola Awosika. President: OASIS